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Random Song Stories

01.01. Suitor
"Suitor" exists on tape somewhere and was a song only performed live by Rainbow in 1971 prior to their name change to Wicked Lester. For obvious reasons the owner of the Rainbow recording has not allowed it to leak into circulation (and as a result very few people have been able to hear it). What it sounds like is unknown to anyone but those who played it, or heard it at one of the few Rainbow/Wicked Lester shows. What is known is that this song was written by Paul Stanley.

One would hope that the known archive recording of that single show will eventually surface with this song intact, regardless of the sound quality of the recording. That recording is also known to include "Little Lady" and other Wicked Lester material such as "Keep Me Waiting." While Paul has stated that Wicked Lester never recorded the song, it is not clear whether he was just commenting on "recorded properly" or "demoed."

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