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Christine Sixteen

This song was written while Gene was staying at the Sunset Marquis, and the demo was recorded shortly after KISS' return from their Japan tour. Alex and Edward Van Halen were recruited for drums and guitars respectively when Gene decided to record the demos one evening during a session that only took a few hours. What is missing from the demo is the spoken word section, but otherwise the overall arrangement is the same. Anyone expecting a VH/KISS hybrid will be sadly disappointed, but another misconception can be put to rest: The piano pump is present on the song even at this early stage. According to Gene, "We cut it live as a trio and Eddie came up with some solos afterwards. I liked his solo for 'Christine Sixteen' so much that when the band recorded it for 'Love Gun,' Ace pretty much copied Eddie's solo note-for-note" (KISStory). What he fails to mention is that it took Edward numerous takes to find the suitable simplistic solo that Gene was demanding; only after David Lee Roth had translated Gene's description into something Edward could relate to. And yes, Frehley's solo does mimic Eddie's original. The Vault book erroneously credits this song to the Rock and Roll Over album. It also includes a picture of the 10" single acetate which was erroneously labeled "demo."

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